Senin, 11 Agustus 2008

Silat Martial Arts with Inner Power

For the last ten years the exercise of inner power martial arts for self defense grows fast. More and more applicants for this art of self defense, since they like to own advantage ability for self protection against offense by those who intends to hurt ourselves, without doing physical move, or without touching him.

Among the world of silat, or those people who have witnessed directly the exciting inner power demonstration, throwing away contender from a ten-meter distance is no longer a stranger case. Also ladies who are able to knock down offenders crowding her, without she has to make physical contact.

Inner power martial arts for self defense is actually not looking for participant with a tough, strong or big body posture, nor it distinguishes genders or age of any body, except learning time span which is relatively short. This is among others, the advantages of inner power self defense known wider.
The public interest which keeps increasing is in fact understood, since until recently people fell less safe in the surrounding. Crime is increasing its frequency in various forms and motivations.
Basically inner power can be searched alone without other’s help. Every body has got it and the most important is exercise. But it’s true that it comes faster to master if there’s teacher guidance. The teacher has normally prepare his knowledge he obtained tens of years ago from various kinds of streams, to further systemized in order to be easier to be learned by the laymen. It’s also understood if each of the self-defense teaching centers has different opinions while they are seeking and searching for inner power resources.

Aside from the place the inner power is found, case of inner power martial arts for self defense until recently is still something mysterious. Therefore, people often consider this as something against kodrat (God’s willing) and allying with devil’s power, etc. However we, Tridaya Inner Power keeps trying to explain transparently what inner power is all about, so that the mysterious thing can be accepted by common sense. This inner power strength may not be used as you like to hurt others, so that your inner power will reduce its strength. Here we will exercise patience and fertilize positive things useful to improve our own inner power.

Therefore, any body who likes to learn inner power must be based upon positive thought and wish, and not to reflect negative perception against himself. We expect the development of art of inner power self defense can spread over the countries, and may be expected further to all mankind’s welfare. Martial arts for self defense for you now.

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